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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Air Force - San Antonio and Bored!

So, I went state side, and was stationed in San Antonio. Nice place, I was there for almost three years.

My new job was not what I thought it would be. I was pushing papers a lot. Although I sat in front of a computer, I was not "working" on computers any more. I was not tech support, or a network engineer, or anything else like it. I was writing contracts for support, I was reading phone bills, I was BORED!!!

I decided to get a second job to keep me busy. I found work as a security guard at night. It was BORING! I walked around in the dark by myself making sure the hookers weren't hiding behind the dumpster with their John.

I decided to get another job. I was still in the Air Force, I was still working as a guard, and now I was delivering news papers to 500 houses every morning. From 5 AM to 7 AM (later on Sundays) seven days a week, I delivered news papers. I listened to the radio, and threw news papers out the car window. Not boring, but not very stimulating.

My life was not what it had been.

I wasn't learning anything new! I wasn't being challenged! The most important thing to remember about someone with ADHD? The need to be challenged in order to keep their attention. For example, I want to keep writing this blog, but, I'm kinda bored! I keep thinking about how it may help someone that reads it, and see's them self. Or better yet, someone reads it and says "This sounds like my husband/wife." Then they decide to investigate, they try to understand, they try to help them cope.

I wasn't happy, I never saw my wife, and I just wanted to leave and start a new job. She was happy working part time at McDonalds. I wasn't happy. So, I got a divorce and volunteered to go back overseas.

Finally, something fun, I'm going to Korea, and I'll be Single!!

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